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Battlegrounds - 70 Tips and Tricks for WIN in PUBG

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds may look very simple on the surface but it is a classic example of when a game is much deeper than it looks.
Our Battlegrounds guide will go into as much detail as possible about this depth, starting on this page with some general and more advanced tips along with a list of our other Battlegrounds guides that will explain better specific parts of the game.

Battlegrounds - guide to survive until the end of the game

There are so many little tricks and tips worth knowing about Battlegrounds that we decided to compile them in one place, dividing them into the most relevant categories so that you can move ahead if you need or to enjoy your wandering. However, before we go any further, it's worth talking a little about how you should start a Battlegrounds game, especially if you're a beginner or if you want to become more familiar with the game.
Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is not your typical shooter. The goal is to survive and not get the most kills - in fact, you can win without killing a single player - so you have to adapt the strategies you use in other shooters.
What you should value above all else is stealth. You do not have great benefits in open battle in the Battlegrounds, especially in the early part of the game, as well as practice or increase your stock of ammunition and healing items from downed enemies when you are missing. In fact, many of the top-ranked players who have intentions to compete in future tournaments simply use "boring" stealth strategies, such as hiding in boats, in order to make it to the final bout in the final part of the showdown.
The way the game works is as follows:
  • You'll spawn on the plane and you need to choose a place to land. We have created a dedicated guide on the Battlegrounds map, the best locations to get and the best vehicle locations , but the short version basically consists of avoiding areas with higher traffic such as large land and cities and finding a small safe space to steal some weapons and equipment.
  • Then, when you're ready (or stay out of loot before the electric field begins to approach), it's time to go wherever the game tells you. You'll have to find safe points to rest, find items and defend yourself along the way, as the player's counter gradually drops, until you (ideally) hit the last 10 or 15 players.
  • It is at this moment that most people discard their strategies but, with luck, it is here that the final part of the game proves extremely useful; we will discuss some interesting tips for the beginning and middle part of the game but we will also give you more advanced tricks to win the last fight to the death.
Prime 'W' to dive faster - but do not forget to have a destination and plan B in mind!

Tips for mastering Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds may seem a little scary, especially for beginners; so here are the basics of what you need to know - and other things that will help you in the early part of the game - before we get into the more advanced strategies.
Master the essentials: how to get started and basic controls
2. Faster vehicles use more fuel and make it harder to control, resulting in skidding.
3. To refuel, the vehicle must be completely static but you can still refuel from inside the car by right clicking on the packaging of your inventory.
4. Always use map markers and always tell the exact location (both numbers as North / South / East / West) when teaming.
5. You can use the voice chat of the game but create your own chat when you are in a team - occasionally, you will hear the conversations of the enemy teams that forgot to put your chat in private mode.
6. Do not forget to change the rate at which you shoot by clicking B.
7. There are no two but three types of shots. Hip fire, a slightly more accurate hip-fire (holding down the right mouse button) and aiming-down-sights ("ADS" by clicking the right mouse button).
Mastering the essentials: strategies and priorities
8. Big cities below your flight path are dangerous places to start but usually have loot of better quality. We recommend that you find small clusters of buildings right at the edge of your parachute reach or use another strategy to get better rewards - something you'll find in more depth in our Battlegrounds map guide and the best locations to get started .
9. The key items that you should find as quickly as possible are the always-reliable self-rifles (ARs), a backpack, a bulletproof vest, healing items and a helmet - the higher the level of these items the better.
10. All doors in the game begin by being closed. If a door is open, someone has already been there. If you leave an open door, you're telling everyone that you've been inside.
11. You have fall damage that occurs when dock of a height of two floors, with greater damage the higher the height.
12. If they are firing at you from afar and you do not know where they are coming from, donot stand still - you will be in the spotlight of your enemy and he will easily be able to shoot you down. Instead, run zig-zag until you're protected and out of his sight. Hiding behind a hill is a great tactic, just like the classic "cheese it!" Strategy. in a vehicle (it simply drives away quickly).
13. Check that there is no one in the buildings (unless you are in a hurry) before checking them for loot. It is very easy to attract players by placing loot on the ground and then hitting them with a bullet in the back.
14. When you are fighting multiple enemies, ignore anyone you have shot down. They can not get up unless rescued, so give priority to those who can still attack you.
15. Vehicles are good for covering great distances at high speed but they create immense noise, which can attract undesired attention when you are trying to go unnoticed. Use them wisely.
16. Vehicles can crash into hills and explode when they hit a high speed object. Park them sideways on unplanned terrains so they do not run away and in case you have an accident get out of it AS YOU CAN.
17. Keep "Alt" pressed to look around you without moving - useful if you are camping and also when you are free falling from the plane.
18. You can dive while swimming by pressing "C" and return to the surface by holding down the "Space" key.
19. Change seats in a vehicle with "Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6", with the command 'Ctrl + 1' taking you to the driver's seat.
20. Performs autologous sprint by pressing "="
21. Lean to the left with "Q" or to the right with "E" while you're aiming - use these controls to stare and shoot around walls without running the risk of exposing yourself too much.
22. Hold "Shift" pressed to accelerate vehicles.
23. Use a vehicle's handbrake for a more aggressive turn or lock with "Space".
24. Control motorcycles in the air by holding "Space" + "Left Ctrl" pressed
25. Switch between the first and third person by pressing 'V'.
26. Hold your breath while aiming with "Shift" (ADS only).
27. Watch your bullet drop while aiming by holding the "Left Mouse Button" pressed to shoot instead of clicking.
28. Calibrate the sight of your weapon (when it allows it, for use in different ranges) with "Page Up" and "Page Down".
29. Circle by guns using 'G' or, if you prefer, 'Mouse wheel'.
30. Healing items are mapped on the '7', '8', '9' and '0' keys by definition - you do not need to open your inventory window for users.
31. You can shoot grenades using the "Left Mouse Button" and then the "Right Mouse Button" to shoot.
32. You can deactivate HUD on the entire screen if the markers are on your way by pressing "Ctrl + U".
A good example of using the 'Alt' function - you are invisible to the players on the right but you can rotate the camera so you can see through your own eyes.
Battleground Positioning Strategies
33. Do a Crouch-jump to jump through windows and jump higher - "Space + C" at the same time. Prime 'W' when you are standing in front of a platform higher than normal to be able to climb. You can practice this technique on the tires next to naval containers on the spawn island, instead of firing at your colleagues.
34. Jump to a roof of a walking using a Crouch-jump; first open the door, jump to the top of it, and again from the top of the door to the roof. Good for sniping! 
35. You can also make slightly heavier heels between roofs by crouching over grids or higher areas and running along them.
36. You can jump considerably further than usual by fleeing from a grenade and jumping at the moment it explodes - you will increase the chances of this technique working by jumping from a higher location, once you are in the air (and therefore you can be pulled forward) for longer. We credit reddit user Marcayy for figuring it out and recording this hilarious GIF.
How to make the most of your medical kits
37. There are only two ways to cure yourself 100% - the extremely rare medical kit that instantly heals 100% after 10 seconds, or items that give you a boost like Energy Drinks and Analgesics, which will heal you over of time.
38. Both bandages and First Aid kits restore your health 75%, but First Aid kits work instantly after 7 seconds of your application while bandages require multiple applications and heal over time, which can take around one minute . Wear bandages as early as possible when you are in a safe place, and save the First Aid kits when you are tighter in one of the fights at the end of the game.
39. An excellent tip from the reddit xTyler73's user guide - there is an optimized way to wear bandages that allows you to get healthier than normal. Health restoration by bandages goes on over time, with your health bar flashing red to fill in the blank. At the thirdblink of the bar as it rises, start using the next bandage for more efficient use of your time and resources.
40. By the way, when a healing item you're using is within the last 0.5 seconds of the timer, you can start moving without canceling it.
Battlegrounds - Tips for the grenades and inventory tricks
41. Different items take up different spaces in your inventory - First Aid Kits are bigger than ligatures, for example. But this also applies to different types of grenades, with Frags being smaller than Smoke and Stunning, for example.
42. You can create more space by equipping larger items, as larger items and ammunition placed inside your weapon do not take up space in your inventory. If you need to free up a space equivalent to a Frag, for example, equip your Smoke or Stun Grenade - but be careful: if your inventory is full, you will not have the possibility to change it to Frag without using or discarding a Frag another item!
43. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually put the pin of a Frag grenade back into Battlegrounds. To do this, open your inventory and drag the grenade from the grenade area at the bottom right, to your storage column on the left.
Battlegrounds: When you should hide or fight
44. Getting to be one of the last players to stealth is the smartest way to play Battlegrounds - but it will not help you master the subtleties of combat. If you really want to learn how to fight and use weapons, play some games in more populated areas as it will make up for you in the long run.
45. If you prefer to win with a stealth strategy, hide on the shore, on a boat, ideally behind a cliff where you probably will not have unexpected visitors, is a fantastic way to avoid being discovered. With some leftover fuel, you can usually get anywhere on the map.
46. Jumping while doing a melee attack makes headshots easier to get, but attacks on your opponent's head with melee weapons do considerably more damage.
47. If anyone starts attacking you with only your hands, fight as well. If you can do one or two headshot you can win the fight even if you have started to lose it!
48. Usually, unless you want to practice, try to avoid combat. The rule of thumb is to fight as long as you are absolutely sure that you are going to win the battle or if you do not have the opportunity to escape.
49. Speaking of running away, it's easier than you can imagine. Escape in Zig-zag if you are on foot and always think of getting out of the line of sight of your attacker. Players will only worry about following you in certain circumstances. This is especially true if you are in a vehicle - it is not worth it to get out of it and fight if you are on a low level of health, so just run away!
50. Having bad equipment is not the end of the world so do not be mean - what matters is how you adapt with what you have: if all you have is a Shotgun or an SMG, then try to camp inside buildings and areas. If you only have a beast and a decent aim, avoid buildings like the plague and find a high point for sniping. You only need to kill one person to earn a significant amount of loot!
51. If you are hiding in one of the small wooden huts and you see an enemy approaching, you get out of the cabin and breaking it is usually better than just waiting inside. If they are intelligent, they will know that someone is inside and will try to destroy you by throwing a grenade or they will fire at the wooden door first. The surprise element, as a rule, works best.
This is an example of hiding.
Battlegrounds: When you know you're going to have to fight
52. Take the time you need to master the "leaning" or "peeking" art at the corners with Q and E during combat, and note that you are leaning to the right (if you are using the camera above of the right shoulder) exposes less of your body than the opposite direction.
53. If you know that a battle is approaching, or you need to run through a dangerous open area, use a boost item like Analgesic or Energy Drink, once you heal yourself over time and the extra speed you gain can be crucial.
54. High grass is only rendered within 150 meters but players are rendered at greater distances - meaning that if you are using tall grass as a cover, a sniper can easily see you from a distance.
55. Using the Alt button to look around while you're in hiding is perfect for ambushes but keep in mind that your character's model always moves a little when you release the keys, which can make you stand out when you just want to be a shrub .
56. Loot, especially curative equipment such as First Aid kits, are the perfect bait. Leave some in the middle of the floor of a room, and incoming enemies will assume that the building is safe, putting yourself in the ideal position so you can shoot them down.
57. Always pay attention to the way a door opens when you are camping inside a building.Hide yourself behind a door so that when other players come in and turn to close it, they are caught unawares with your presence giving you the opportunity to kill them before they do.
58. The opposite happens when you enter a building - always check 360 degrees around you as soon as you enter, and do not assume that a little loot means that the whole building is safe!
59. Grenades are perfect for emptying small huts (if you can throw one through the tiny windows) and buildings where you suspect someone will be camping.
60. Avoid using Smoke grenades - they reveal your position to the enemy and smoke is rendered differently to the two players, so what is obscuring your vision may be totally clear to your enemy, and vice versa .
61. ADS (aiming down sights) is generally more favorable than hip fire in practically every situation. Only rely on Shotguns and SMGs with hip-fire, since it will spread far less.
Unfortunately, there is no strategy to hide from a bad look. Maybe you should practice more ...
Advanced PUBG tips to win Battlegrounds in the final part of the game and the last 10:
62. When you get to the smallest safe areas, usually in the last 10 or 15, you will want to quickly eliminate any player who appears ahead of you - if they survive, it is a small area, so there is a good chance that they will cross again and who he knows if it's not him who puts an end to your game.
63. There are two main strategies on how to get to the last zone. If you are sure that you can get there as one of the first ones, then do it as soon as possible and position yourself so that you have a completely dominated flank - be that little stone or an interior wall without windows.
64. If you're late, you'd better wait in a more distant area before you move on. He keeps the blue circle under his eye and patrols the surroundings of the area. Someone may be seeing the direction you are following as you approach, but if the safe area is small, with about a dozen other people remaining, and you are the one furthest away, then they will have other enemies with whom to worry.
65. Your knowledge of the terrain is crucial at this stage. Make sure you know the map in the best way possible - our Battlegrounds map guide can help you with this - and logically and consciously choose where you will leave next and not on impulse.
66. If you get to a safe place earlier, and you have good long-range weapons, try camping in a building outside the safe area (or, in other words, camping somewhere safe and looking at the buildings and do not camp on them ) Keep a watchful eye on any door and window, and as the blue circle begins to squeeze, players are forced to go into open territory where you can easily shoot them down.
67. Trees are not good coverage. The forest is a good visual cover if you need to travel great distances but it is hard to forget that hiding behind a narrow tree keeps you very exposed from three sides - and your sight is highly obstructed by the trunk in front of you, Anyway. Use them only as a last resort!
68. When you get to the last three, if you have not been discovered, continue like this. Do not attack unless success is absolutely guaranteed since the other two can easily kill or injure themselves without risking your life. They will also reveal their positions in the process, which means you already know where they stand for the ultimate confrontation.
69. In the pre-game phase, take off your shoes! The speed is the same if you run barefoot or footwear but you can make less noise and increase your stealth on most surfaces.
70. Not all scopes work on all weapons - you can place scope 8x on all RA except M16, for the purpose of balancing weaponry. Likewise, you can not put an 8x in SMG. You can use the M16 as an automatic firearm by using fire burst mode and timing perfectly the moment you press the button.
71. At the beginning of the game, pistols are practically useless - keep one if you have the Pistol auto, which works like an SMG, or if you do not have good weapons or ammo (otherwise, gun ammo is the same as wasting inventory space ).
72. Spoiled high-level armor is worse than low-level, immaculate armor. Look for the number next to you in the inventory to make the comparison.
73. Avoid bridges as if they were the plague if you need to cross one to get to a safe area - most likely there is a troll (people waiting to kill you) whenever the bridge is a necessary route. Try to get there early, nothing or try to get a boat!
74. Never stop moving, even when you're doing looting or camping - it may be enough to avoid being killed by a headshot, something that happens surprisingly regularly. Go skipping from side to side or interlew between standing and crouched.

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