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Extreme fight for survival: The three most exciting Battle Royale titles in the check

Hardly a multiplayer genre has been as popular lately as the king class of the Battle Royale. The most famous of them is probably Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. But there are also some free alternatives. Here are the three best games of the genre.The fight for survival is at the center of Battle Royale mode.Together with other players, you will jump over a huge map, find your way around and collect good equipment to survive last but not least on the field in the brutal fight of all against each other.This game concept is wonderful, as several game developers prove with their titles.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: The industryleader

PUBG relies on a realistic graphic style and is quite impressive. Picture: PUBG CorporationAwn's Battlegrounds is the most famous offshoot of the genre and the catalyst for the battle for the Royale Games. The game features two giant maps of several different cities and houses where you fight your survival with other players.
In addition to various weapons, rucksacks and armor types, you can also use vehicles in PUBG to move around the map. The graphic style is based on realism and can be quite impressive.The developers continue to work on improvements and new content for the game.

Fortnite: The free alternative

Fortnite also looks good, but the comic style is not necessarily for everyone. Picture: Chip
The most popular and most played alternative to PUBG is also free: Fortnite adds a crafting system to the game concept of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, giving the game additional tactical possibilities and depth.
Graphically, Fortnite also looks very appealing. However, the comic style is not necessarily for everyone. Fortnite is also regularly expanded and improved and now has a community of 40 million players.

Warface: The Battle Royale secret tip

Warface combines the best of PUBG and Fortnite: It's free to download and has a realistic graphic style. Picture: Crytek

Warface comes from the Far Cry-makers and is another successful alternative to PUBG. In addition to the Battle Royale mode, the game also has a co-op mode, the former is definitely the highlight.
If you do not like the comic style of Fortnite and who do not want to invest money in a Battle Royale game, then Warface is your best bet. Here's how to get the best of both worlds: The game is free and has a realistic graphic style.

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