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Hackers from Turkey steal $ 2.5M in crypts using online game chat

A group of hackers from Turkey ran one of the biggest hacks today, stealing a total of $ 2.47 million in crypto coins using an online game chat platform.

According to The Merkle website, Exchange notified police as soon as the intrusion was detected. As soon as the contact was received, the police took action to contain the attack, but the group had already obtained 13 million Turkish liras (equivalent to approximately $ 2.47 million) in Bitcoin, Ether and XRP.

Hackers infiltrated two of the company's accounts and transferred the crypts contained in them to several other accounts. When investigations began, police found 24 suspects seized in eight provinces of the country. Of the suspects, 1.3 million lire ($ 250,000) was recovered in crypto-coins and 54,000 lire ($ 10,300) in cash.
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The recovered crypto-coins were returned by Exchange, which was not named after the police.

An interesting fact about this hack is the medium hackers used to communicate. For this the chat system of the popular battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was used.

After completing legal procedures at the police station, two of the 24 suspects arrested were released. The others were sent to a court in Istanbul where six were restrained and the other sixteen were released on condition of judicial control.

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