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Battle Royale - WARROCK

Have you been able to dominate the battlefield as a lone soldier and become the glorious last survivor? In case you missed some of the content in our most recent patch, the last man standing is now not only rewarded with Dinar and EXP, but as well with a top spot on the leaderboard and some amazing weekly rewards!

If you manage to win at least 1 match of Battle Royale during the week you will be rewarded with:

•    Military Supply Key - 1x
•    Platinum Key - 1x
•    Dinar 20% UP - 7 days
•    M16A4 Phoenix - 7 days
•    MP7A1 ACU - 7 days

f you are able to emerge victorious in the battlefield during 10 matches of any given week you will be rewarded with:

•    Military Supply Key - 1x
•    Platinum Key - 1x
•    Stamina Stick - 7 days
•    8th Slot - 7 days
•    5th Slot - 7 days

That's right soldiers, your eyes have not mistaken you, if you are able to win 10 Battle Royale matches each week we will reward you with 7 days of 5th and 8th slot FOR FREE!

We are also displaying new User Info while in the Battle Royale waiting room. You can see how many matches you have played, how many times you finished 1st, how many times you finished top 3, your win rate, your total kills in Battle Royale, the highest kill streak you managed to obtain in a single match, and your overall kill / death ratio for this mode!

You are also able to take a quick look the stats of your opponents before the match starts. You can show off how much of a veteran you are, or you can play the underdog card and nobody will see you coming...

Lastly, we introduced a new ranking page specifically for Battle Royale. Who is the best? You can take a look at our new ranking page to find out, but the only real way to find out is to jump into a match of Battle Royale today!

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