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Five curiosities about PUBG Mobile, Tencent Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile is a big hit on Android and iPhone devices (iOS). The title of the PUBG Corporation in partnership with Tencent arrived for free on mobile phones in February 2018 and achieved several records with just one year of life as the title of the best Google Play game of the year. Battle Royale has paved the way for other games to launch their mobile versions, such as Fortnite. TechTudo has separated five triviagoes from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that show how the game has achieved cell phone success status.

Millions of active players
PUBG Mobile did not take long to become a big hit. By the end of 2018 the game had already reached the number of 30 million active players daily. The number is a result of the success that the game already did on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 together with the fact that the mobile version is completely free to download and play.

Record of downloads
After a year of life, Battle Royale is already consolidated as one of the favorites of iPhone owners and Android devices. The title has already surpassed the mark of 200 million downloads in the mobile phones, counting on an active and very faithful community.

Best Google Play game in 2018
The great success on the mobile platforms was proven when the game of PUBG Corporation was voted the best game of Google Play in 2018. Only in its first six months of life, Battle Royale mobile raised more than $ 75 million $ 287 million). It is also worth mentioning that its main competitor, Fortnite, is not distributed to Android through the Google store, but directly through the Epic Games website.

Creator had never made a game
Brendan Greene, creator of PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, had never played a game before giving birth to the Battle Royale title. He learned to program games while drawing what would become PUBG. Initially he was not good at what he did, but the results of his work prove otherwise.

Unusual partnership
PUBG Mobile had a curious partnership in the month of February. Following the release of Resident Evil 2 remake for PS4, Xbox One and PC, PUBG Corporation made a crossover with the Capcom title in which players needed to survive a horde of zombies. The developers have even made exclusive costumes inspired by characters from the franchise, such as Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy and Marvin Branagh.

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