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PUBG - New update! (2019/06) Explosions, gameplay - everything to have fun!

Veteran in the battle royale genre, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds had its momentum to shine as a market leader before being overshadowed by Fortnite's success. Now, with different audiences, the games try to innovate to attract more players, and with the sudden success of Apex Legends the dispute became even more fierce. Ironically, the new patch from PUBG brings two "inspired" tools to the Respawn game, demonstrating that there are really insurmountable ideas.

The game update adds weapons, interface changes and one of the best-known tools of the successful competitor, the pings system. Intuitive and dispensing with the need to use the microphone, the Apex Legends communication tool was praised by the community. The PUBG patch, launched on the test server, implements a new selection of pings very similar to that of the competitor, using the same mouse button for activation.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds players will be able to communicate more efficiently using the "new" tool. By tightening the mouse wheel and dragging in different directions, they can inform the position of enemies to allies, agree or disagree with commands or report the need for equipment - medical kits or ammunition. Dubbed "radio messages," the system should bring more dynamism to the games of the game and allow communication with those who do not - or can not - use the microphone.

In addition to this, the patch implements a new mechanics for movement, also very similar to the one of Apex Legends: the edges of structures (roofs, walls and obstacles higher) can be escalated. The addition of this ability changes the strategies present in the game considerably, since players will have more mobility and possibilities to position themselves.

tThe test server will receive Deagle, a pistol with enough damage to break level 3 helmets with just two clear shots; gas explosive jets, visual commemorative changes at Vikendi and Miramar, and finally a new BRDM-2 amphibious vehicle.

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