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PUBG: understand new Ranked Mode, its patents, points and rules

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) received the new Ranked Mode in update 7.2. The novelty was released for PC users last Wednesday (20) and will arrive for players of Playstation 4 ( PS4 ) and Xbox One next Tuesday (26). According to PUBG Corporation , Ranked Mode replaces the old Survival Title and serves to calculate the skill of all players around the world. Check out more details of the new Ranked Mode in Battle Royale below . Understand your levels (patents), points distribution and rules.
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PUBG receives Ranked Mode in update 7.2 - Photo: Disclosure / PUBG Corp

Landings and divisions

Similar to other competitive games, such as League of Legends (LoL) and Overwatch , the PUBG ranked mode also has patents, here called thresholds, each with five divisions, from division V to division I. At the beginning of the season players start without ranking rank and need to play five ranking games to be placed on a level. The better your performance in qualifying matches, the better your positioning will be.
Ranked Mode levels are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. It is also important to note that players present at the Diamond level or higher can be punished if they are inactive in the ranking for a period of seven days.
In the table below, you can see the divisions and scores needed to level up:
Ranked Mode Scores and Scores

Ranked Mode Rules
Unlike traditional modes, the new PUBG ranked has some specific rules. A total of 64 players are placed to confront each other in Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok, being able to choose to play in first or third person. The mode also aims to make the experience more competitive, making rare items easier to find and increasing the movement speed of the blue zone. In addition, the red zone, the motor gliders and the crossbow were removed.
To play Ranked Mode with your friends, players in the squad cannot have more than 10 divisions between them. If this limit is exceeded, it is not possible to play the mode. In addition, there is a penalty for disconnection when the player leaves the game after loading the island. The user who insists on the infraction needs to wait for a punishment time that appears on a timer until he can play again.
Ranked Mode seeks to make the experience even more competitive - Photo: Disclosure / PUBG Corporation
You can follow the leaderboard, which has been adapted to the new mode. In it, the player can see the 500 best players of the current season and the region of choice, always based on the amount of RP ( Ranked Points ) that each has earned until the moment of the last update of the table. It is important to highlight that the region of choice for each player should be the same until the end of the competitive season of the ranked players.


The new Ranked Mode also rewards players based on their performance. Among the rewards are visuals, nameplates and emblems exclusive to the ranked ones. However, to acquire these exclusive items, it is necessary to at least reach the Gold level in Ranked Mode. Remembering that the rewards are delivered at the end of the current competitive season.

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